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"Wendy Needs A Babysitter"
Includes bonus "Behind The Scenes" and Bloopers

Full length movie 52 minutes playing time
Featuring Wendy and Alexis as the babysitter

Wendy is outside the house and calls out asking her flatmate to open the door because she needs to go "wee wee" very badly. Unable to hold it any longer, she squats and wets herself.

Stuart wants to know why Wendy is outside since she was supposed to be in timeout in her bedroom and did she went wee wee in her "Pampers". Stuart chastises Wendy for wetting herself again and spanks on the seat of her wet diapers then her bare bottom. It glows a very sore red color.

Stuart outs her in a dry diaper and tells Wendy that a nice young lady, Alexis, is coming over to babysit her. Wendy upset because Alexis is apparently younger but is allowed to boss her around. Stuart is also angry at Wendy because she was on punishment but snuck out and wet herself again.

Alexis arrives and Stuart calls in Wendy. Alexis is a little shocked to see a grown woman in diapers but says nothing as Stuart explains things like bedtimes, diaper changes, etc. Wendy the whole time is very embarrassed. Stuart tells Alexis one thing he didn't mention in their phone calls and correspondence is that Wendy stayed in a crib all her life. She never actually left it.

Stuart sends Alexis off with Wendy to diaper her and get her ready for bed. Wendy protests that even though she wets her bed she is a big girl and doesn't want to wear diapers.She melts down into a full temper tantrum. Alexis asks Stuart what to do and he tells her to go back, take charge and spank her hard.

A few years later, Wendy is still in diapers and Alexis is still her babysitter. Wendy awakes and Alexis asks her how her night was. Wendy says she slept well but she thinks she wet her bed several times because she is pretty sure her Pampers are soaked and leaked into her baby pants. Alexis lowers the railing and helps her out, has her take off her nightie and carefully lowers her pants and takes off the sopping wet diaper.
Alexis gets a fresh diaper but Wendy protests, saying she wants to wear an "undergarment" and not Pampers. Alexis tells her they will be going out to the park since it's a nice day and doesn't want to deal with leaks. Alexis changes her into a dry Pampers and has Wendy put on a pair of jeans and a shirt, socks and sneakers. Wendy is worried about her Pampers sticking out but Alexis tells her not to worry.

Wendy knows that little kids tease her and call her a baby. When Alexis is not looking she takes off the Pampers and gets a belted undergarment. She puts it on and re-dresses herself ready and excited to go to the park.

Alexis and Wendy are outside ready to go to the park. Wendy is fidgeting slightly. Alexis asks Wendy if she made pee pee. Wendy doesn't answer but Alexis reassures her not to worry, her diapers hold plenty and she is sure it will be fine for playing all afternoon. Wendy is silent and won't look Alexis in the face. Alexis realizes that something is up and takes Wendy back inside. Once inside, she asks Wendy point blank if she disobeyed. When she won't answer, Alexis pulls down Wendy's jeans revealing Wendy in a wet undergarment. Alexis is furious with Wendy. She lectures Wendy on disobeying, how undergarments are only for inside or short trips, how it could have been a big disaster at the playground. She puts Wendy over her lap and gives her a sound spanking. She then unbuttons the undergarment and moves it aside to spank Wendy some more on her bare bottom. Then Alexis gets a fresh Pampers diaper and changes Wendy into it.

Alexis tells Wendy she sympathises with her because even though Alexis doesn't really wet so much anymore, she does have a small bladder and it can be tough getting to the bathroom in time. She pulls down her jeans to show Wendy that she is wearing a bladder control pad inside her own underwear just in case. This makes Wendy feel a lot better and Wendy says she understands why she needs to wear Pampers to the park.

Alexis has Wendy put on a onesie over her diapers to go to the park. She also realizes Wendy is wet but points out that her Pampers can hold a lot and she is sure they will be fine to hold up at the park.

Back from the park and Wendy has a very saggy diaper. Alexis also confesses that she was right to wear a pad herself since they were gone so long and there was no bathroom. Her pad is quite wet. Alexis changes out of the wet pad, dries herself, and puts her underwear and jeans back on.

Alexis says now that Wendy is home near a bathroom she can wear an undergarment. Wendy happily comes back wearing just a bra and belted undergarment and proudly shows it off.

Just then Stuart comes back from work and finds Wendy in just her undergarment. Alexis recounts the day and how she told Wendy the real reason she was hired as a babysitter so long ago. Stuart says in that case, no need to keep it a big secret and tells Alexis to go get her night time diapers. Alexis is embarrassed and says she told Wendy that she used to wet the bed often but didn't tell her that even still she sometimes has accidents. Stuart then changes Alexis into a regular disposable diaper just like he has to do every night...
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